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Race Report from Sunny Laguna Seca

We ran the HMSA Spring event at Laguna Seca last weekend. I took my new M3 along with the might K2002.


The Car had a new engine for this season. It was built by Ivey Engines in Portland. The Tinney engine we had in the car for the last 4 seasons was due for a refresh so it has been shipped back to Terry.


The performance of the two engines seemed pretty similar. The only thing I noticed was the Ivey engine had a flatter torque curve, and a little bit wider power band.




As this was my first outing with the M3 I took my time getting to know the car. It ran well all weekend, and I finished 5th behind 3 "P" GT3 Cup cars (vintage?), and a 1990 Olds GTO car. My best lap was a 1:40.


The Koepchen car ran in Group 4 along with about 16 assorted Alfas, Porsches, MGs, a 510 Datsun, and Dennis Racine's wickedly fast Mini. It started raining as we sat on pre-grid for our qualifying race on Saturday. I was gridded 4th behind the Mini, and I expected him to sail off into the distance on the wet track. Instead the Datsun got out to a lead. He was the only car on rain tires. The Mini slotted in 2nd, and I was 3rd. I chased the Mini hard and got a run on him a couple of times but he made the car pretty wide and kept me back.


Finally on the last lap I got inside him coming off Turn 11, found traction there I hadn't expected and out dragged him to the finish.




For our feature race on Sunday it was sunny and warm. I started outside the first row. The 510 and I had a drag race down to Turn 2 and I was able to out brake him and get along side him going through the turn. As we came off Turn 2 I got a bit of a jump and pulled into the lead. He chased me hard down to Turn 5 where he downshifted to 3rd but got 1st. OUCH! He slithered sideways a couple fo times and I opened a gap that I never gave up.


Best lap for Sunday was a 1:49.7. The best I have ever done at Laguna Seca. I'll have the video up in a few days.


It was a great weekend, and the K2002 really performed well. Thank you Jim & terry @ Racecraft!!

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You do all 2002 owners proud with your beautiful Koepchen car.  Your period correct livery is magnificent.   Bravo on your lap times, look forward to the videos.   Sounds like on 

Sunday's video we'll only see the competition in your rear view mirror.... 

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