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steve k.
steve k.

Neue Klasse und Kaffee & Shamrock Rally 2018

If you have not had a chance to run the Shamrock Rally, you are missing out. A short, 100 to 200 mile, run through back roads of East Bay or South Bay is always scheduled for the Saturday of the St. Patrick's Day. This seems to fall on the third Saturday of the month. For second straight year, March Neue Klasse und Kaffee has been the starting point for Shamrock Rally. 



The gathering usually brings out all sorts of vintage cars. Though the rain scared a few people away, we still had around 30 cars for morning coffee and the drive. In addition to the traditional Neue Klasse BMWs, we had a pair Triumphs, a Mini, a Volvo, several E30 BMWs, and an Alfa that belongs to the Rally Master @SteveJ






We gathered at a new location this month, States Coffee in Martinez, CA. Availability of two large lots helped us stay together for some fun conversation. The shop owner, @hollowridge, was generous enough to supply us with caffeine. Coffee was amazing and well needed for some of us who only got 4 hours of sleep and were up at 5:30 in the morning.






The drive this year took us mostly through Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. The roads are fun and I feel like @SteveJ knows all of them.  A few drops have hit the windshield, but rain mostly stayed away.  You could look into the distance and see dark clouds and wet roads, but the cars did not really get wet until we were all done with the drive and were enjoying lunch with the great company.







Check our New Klasse und Kaffee page for the next event.


All photos at 


You can see even more photos at 


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