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Classic Sports Car Championship at Brands Hatch UK

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Some pics of this months classic sports car championship at Brands Hatch UK

the action turned out better than Masters Series which i used to do so hastly snapped a few pics on my phone to share the action sorry poor quality zoom.

Few 02 on the grid from in various guises in Swinging 60's race the yellow 1600 Ti wasn't having much fun and fell towards back of the pack


Poor 02's got shoved off left 1502 and right 2002 up into Druids hairpin


02 drop few more places


Race 1 won overall by original Mini Cooper S 1300 who was a stomping 20sec a lap quicker than 02 on a average 1min lap followed by Austin Healey frogeyed sprite who was super commited.

1600Ti finished 6th

7th for 2002 tii

9th for 1502

14th for 2002

Some Caterham action or lack off dullest race of the weekend, phone camera ok without zoom wish i worked that out earlier.


Jaguar Classic Parts Saloon & GT Championship

Mix of 6 8 and 12 cylinders in XJ XJS and Coupe, they raced hard thundering around



The old mk2 Jag 3 wheeling around outside was the hero move of the day, at several points around the track was on 2 wheels giving it everything against the more modern Jags



With the steep downhill bend the white jag car almost lost it went sideways down the hill just just saved it, whilst happening next car coming around the corner had no chance went flying T boned through the drivers side window, later i heard both were ok.


Some better pics with proper camera thanks pal



Alfa sud 1500


Alpina A4S (yes it is genuine with some authentic grp2 extras, i tried to buy it couple years ago)







Really shows show steep the corner is


Jagermeister M3 2.5 was one of the quickest on the day along with VW Jetta and original Mini. Close fight to finish between this orange M3 and silver VW just in the back ground


Hope you enjoy

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