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Adam Carollas "Carcast" shows off a 74 Alpina tii


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I did some internet research and here is what one of the previous owners stated:


"1974 2002 Touring Alpina A4 Clone.

I know that I’m going to regret doing this but sometimes we have to part from things that we love. 

This car is one of the most desirable BMW 2002s an enthusiast would like to have besides the Turbo and Cabriolet. This is the Touring, a car that is versatile, fun to drive and beautiful. What makes this car very special is the addition of the Alpina A4 single throttle body set-up that is now days well sought for as well as the other Alpina components. 

This car was featured in the BMW CAR magazine in September 2003 and also in the Alpina book written by James Taylor.

I imported the car 2 years ago from Germany. This car has only seen three owners including my self. The original owner (in Germany) had the car approximately 26 years. The car was then bought by a Swiss gentleman who is an Alpina enthusiast. During the time that he owned the car he added all the alpine features. The car was always garaged since new.

Engine & Transmission: There are no engine or drive train noises. No grinding up or down-shifting. Does not smoke when starting, accelerating or decelerating. All suspension, motor mounts and driveshaft components solid. The only issues that I see is that the car backfires during deceleration and it is a bit hard to start when cold or warm. It is possible that the A4 injection needs some fine tuning. The car drives super on the highway; it is really fast upon stepping on the gas pedal to open those beautiful throttle bodies not to mention the extraordinary sound of them!!!!

Interior: The interior is good shape. No cracks on dashboard. The seats are the super comfortable Scheel seats with there unique material color patern that is no longer found. The door and rear panels are in good shape. The driver side has door panel has a small cut in one of the corners. The headliner is perfect, no tears. All gauges work. Working, original equipment Blaupunkt AM/FM Shortwave radio. All window regulators work smoothly and do not rattle in tracks. Vent windows work perfectly and seal tightly. Glass all around is fine with good weather stripping. 

Body and Paint: All doors, hood and trunk open smoothly, with good shut lines. No missing chrome or trim pieces. The bumpers are in excellent condition. All original trunk panels present in fine condition. This car has no rust. The overall condition of the paint is very good. 

There two places that would need repainting. The driver fender has a small area where the paint is damaged and the trunk lid has a deep scratch. All lights work. The tires are good. Brakes solid and reliable. Radiator replaced with a new 3 row core. 

Specifications of the car:
1974 2002 Touring Tii with Sun Roof
Original very light green tinted Glass
Alpina A4 System (Built and tuned by Rainer Ahrend in Germany)
Alpina Spoiler
Alpina Steering wheel
Alpina Gauge Pod
Alpina Shift Knob
Scheel Seats
Alpina 6x13 Wheels
2002 Turbo Brakes (Complete set-up)
Super Sprint Muffler
Cibie Super Oscar Driving lights 

What the car needs to have done:

1) Heater core is leaking a little bit. Need to remove it and repair it

2) A4 injection needs some fine tuning to prevent backfiring during desacerleration and to help during cold and warm start. A 292 Cam might help. The car currently has a 304 on it. 

3) The rear section of the carpet is worn out, it would be good to replace it. The rest of the carpet is in good shape.
- See more at: http://www.carpictures.com/vehicle/07EMG431327421/BMW-2002-Touring-Alpina-1974#sthash.FhgsBVcV.dpuf"


looks like the car has been for sale on and off in the past few years. there was a high bid of $38K recently that did not reach the minimum bid requirement. This looks like a very cool car with some great Alpina bits. It's not a factory Alpina build. I think some of the more important Alpina parts such as the A4/S engine build with hemispherical head (and larger valves) Alpina camshaft and high compression pistons are not a part of the build. Additionally Alpina suspension, sway bars and BMW's very expensive CR steering box don't seem to be included. Hard to tell if the gearbox is the CR dogleg 5 speed or just the ones out of the 320i's. I would also want to make certain the KF pump is the -129 part number specifically built for Alpina . Anyway this seems to be a great car, clean with a desirable color IMO (inka) and a touring model as well! I'm just not sure its worth the $45K to $55K suggested price however. GLWTS. 

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You have a car program, you have a cult car like the BMW 2002, and then you go and show how little you know about the car and the marque in front of all us 2002 owners who will pick this spot up in their feed. The factory never

made a car like this. There is so much here that is non-original that it is really just another highly modified 2002

like thousands out there. My beater daily driver is more authentic. Someone went to a lot of expense and trouble locating all the A4/S bits to build this car and it looks like a lot of fun. But if your search is for a good investment

quality 2002 it would be smart to buy the best early 70's roundie Tii you can find. The $40K estimated price of this clone will get you one easy.

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The factory never made a car like this.


Is it true that you could have theoretically order this exact set-up from a specialized dealership if you really wanted it?  I'm thinking how Shelby would do "official" crazy builds for Ford.  


Now, to get a super-high-tag-value on the car it would have needed to be originally delivered that way and documented as such, but post sales mods don't make it necessarily inauthentic, does it?


I truly don't know, as I'm not an in-depth car guy, but it's probably a yes/no answer, right? 

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The value of the Alpina bits in this car IMHO is as follows:


- Alpina intake manifold and trumpets without the -129 KF pump = $7000 with the Alpina KF pump = $9000

- Alpina spoiler $500

- Alpina gage pod $400

- Alpina shift knob $250

- Alpina wheels $1500


so roughly $10K more without the right KF pump $12K with.


subtract that number from the minimum bid price and you are at $30K for a very nice 2002Tii touring. The car might be worth that to the right person.  


Now, if it was a true "documented" Alpina build car with all the right bits: 


all the internal A4/S engine bits (cam, valves, pistons,rods, reground hemispherical head)

CR steering box

CR 5 speed dogleg gearbox

Alpina suspension, brakes and sway bars


the car could certainly be worth $60-75K....... perhaps more with the correct paperwork

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Well, considering the fact that something as 'simple' as dual side drafts on a 2002 make the car more appealing to enthusiasts, and demands more $ than the same car with a 32/36.. I would certainly agree that the full grin of hens teeth that this car bears is worth some real $$$$. 

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"Well, considering the fact that something as 'simple' as dual side drafts on a 2002 make the car more appealing to enthusiasts, and demands more $ than the same car with a 32/36.. I would certainly agree that the full grin of hens teeth that this car bears is worth some real $$$$."

The market is certainly there, to me the important question is whether this car will stay in America or get shipped back across the pond. $45,000 is only €35,000 after all...

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I feel we often really over critique some of the more hi end 02's for sale. We tend to say they are not worth the asking..but I feel if they were OUR car's we'd be steadfast at getting every penny for them.


Go try and find some of these cool bits.....then add in the time to find them....costs and shipping,...and for many, the labor to get it all set up and working correctly. I dont mean to say this car is worth every penny, or a bargain at all......but its in the ball  park for sure.



250 for the shift knob?.....not sure about that.


Those seats could be 1k easy.....then add in 02 brkts...


Ive seen that st wheel fetch over 500!

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