How to fix leaking steering box input shaft seal

Written by Ray Daley Saturday, 16 September 2006

While I had my subframe out I fixed my leaking steering box. Mine was leaking from the input shaft.

Compiled by _z_ from the form post How to fix leaking steering box input shaft seal

by Ray_73Turkis_OH

I had the steering box on my work bench and I was able to remove the shaft seal without taking the steering box apart. I did this by poking a small screw driver along the side the input shaft and into the inside edge of the seal and prying up, working my way around. I was so happy when the thing popped up! At first I tried poking a hole in the seal to dig in an pry up, but the seal started getting pushed in and I found that the seal had metal inside it. I had already obtained a replacement seal The size is metric and marked on the seal that I read with a magnifying glass.

18x30x7 shaft seal.

I got mine from Motion Industries for $2.17 as I could drive to one of their places.


When I got it the packaging revealed that Motion got it from this place that might come in use for someone.


I hope the pitman arm end of the thing doesn’t start leaking because that will be a bear to get the arm off.

Most bearings and seals have their specs on them so you can usually get a replacement for these from a generic dealer if not BMW. I got my transmission bearings and seals this way, years ago.

Good luck.

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Has anyone considered filling a seeping steering box with a grease gun and standard grease as a temporary fix until a suspension rehab?  The lower seal on my steering box is leaking pretty good and gear oil is gone in a couple of weeks.  It seems to me that a thicker viscosity lubrication might not leak out so quickly.  Thanks for any comments or ideas.



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If you don't have a bearing supply shop near you and don't want to spend $24 on an OEM worm gear seal. Search for SKF 6757 or NOS (Napa Oil Seal) 6757

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I have just stripped my steering box, for this seal.  I did try prising it out first, but couldn't budge it.


I ended up buying a complete set from WN, I wish I'd read this first !!  A 3 leg puller easily pulls the drop arm off.  As for using grease inside, I would think it would be pushed into the crevices and stay there ?  Rather than the continuous lubrication of oil.

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