How to Build simple M10 Storage and Transport Stand

Need to store or transport an M10? Need a way to support it on its side properly? Here you go. I spent a little time today putting together a wood stand that supports and M10 laying on its exhaust side. Then mounted it to a board with tiedowns that lays in the back of a pickup bed.

What you need:

Some 2x3 stud

Some 2x4 stud

3in drywall screws



Start with the studs and build this. All the measurements are in the pictures!


note the notches in the 2x4.


It fits against the engine like this:



The engine laying on it looks like this. engine is supported by the block. timing chain tensioner, exhaust manifold studs and flywheel are not under any load.



Then cut a sheet of plywood to fit your truck bed (I did 48x40in) and screw the stand to it.

Test fit engine for tie down locations:



And then bolt the tiedowns in with big fender washers to get this:


If you just want to store the engine, attach the stand form to one of those 3x2 furniture moving carts you can get at homer depot. Instant roller storage!

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