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Automatic Transmission Details

Shift points:

1st to 2nd gear upshift gear selector position "A"

Full Throttle = 26 mph

Kickdown = 40 mph

2nd to 3rd gear up shift gear selector position "A"

Full Throttle = 63 mph

Kickdown = 69 mph

Oil Capacity:

Initial filling -= 4.65 liters / 4.9 Qts. (no oil cooler)

Initial filling - 5.2 liters / 5.5 Qts. (with oil cooler)

Adding oil = approx. 1.75 liters / 1.8 Qts

Oil amount between dip stick marks = 0.2 liters / 0.21 Qts.

oil change every 20,000 miles







change it every 2nd year, and

do not use synthetic

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Whew...you made my day...I had to add some ATF the other day (small leak when sitting for a period of time) and I looked everywhere for what I could use. After deduction went with Dexron III. Have been thinking 'transmission doesn't seem right' ever since. It is exactly the same as before, just was convinced that I had chosen the wrong Dexron! Thank you for this information.

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