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Cibié rally & race lights for BMW

Cibié is a French automobile lighting manufacturer founded in 1919. It is pronounced like you are saying C-B-A. There are many Cibié models that are period correct for 1960s and 70s BMWs.  In 1969 Cibié was merged with Paris-Rhône, then in 1978 merged with Ferodo and Marchal.  These 4 previously competing French auto parts companies formed Valeo in 1980. 



Cibié Super Oscars ( also called 200 series ) - the largest light at 8.5 inches in diameter.  5.5 inches deep.  Concave glass lens has a  7" diameter.  This is a big light and benefits from bracing rods to prevent shaking.  Chrome trim ring is stamped 'SUPER OSCAR CIBIE' at the top.

Steel housings are painted industrial gray, though often painted by owners to match the car color.  Made in France.  Some made under license in Spain and Belgium.  Reproductions are available but are easy to distinguish from originals.

Hard white plastic covers have black molded lettering.  Original old covers have 'projecteurs Cibié iode' molded into them.  Newer or reproduction covers just say CIBIE.   


Cibié Oscars  ( also called 180 series ) -  7 inch diameter.  5 inches deep.  Concave glass lens is 5.75 inches in diameter.  Painted metal housings.  Chrome trim ring is stamped 'OSCAR CIBIE TOP' at the top.  

 Three versions of covers.  #1 Hard white plastic.  #2 black painted metal 'chip pan' grate design with rubber straps.  #3 Metal black painted covers with small round plastic 'windows' and rubber straps.


Cibié 45 - 7 inches round.  Only 2 inches deep.  6.25" flat glass lens.  Polished stainless steel housings and trim ring.  4 lens designs ( 2 fog and 2 long range).  The 4 designs came in clear or yellow glass, for a total of 8 options. 

2 designs of covers.  #1 very hard 'white-ish' plastic with 'Cibié Racing Team' sticker.  Very easy to break and very rare.  #2 hard while plastic with molded black letters 'projecteurs cibié iode'.


All the above lights use replaceable bulbs.  H1 H2 or H4.   These bulbs are easy to source and inexpensive.



Cibié 35 - glass lens in yellow or clear.  Stainless steel housing and trim ring.  White plastic covers. 

Cibié 95 - black plastic housing



7" round 'Euro Code' (H4 bulb)    Part # 70-28-02 or # 66-70-059

7" round 'Z Beam' (H4 bulb)        Part # 70-34-02 or  # 66-70-062


7" round 'BIODE' ( two H1 bulbs)       Part #  66-70-044


5 3/4" round low beam  (H4 bulb)      Part #  36-70-039 or # 36-70-050 or # 57-28-02

5 3/4" round high beam  (H1 bulb)     Part #  36-70-038 or # 57-30-02


REAR RED FOG (high intensity rear visibility):

Round - Cibié 40 - red plastic lens.  5.25" diameter black plastic housing. Chrome trim ring stamped 'CIBIE 40'

Rectangular - red plastic lens.  Chromed plastic housing.  5.5" x 2.5" part # 30-70-037, or kit # 30-70-052 



The term IODE refers to the Iodine Quartz bulbs used in the lights.  Cibié lights use replaceable H1 H2 or H4 bulbs.




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