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Rear Seat Removal

Contributed by Tilux Saturday, 07 October 2006

There are two locking "tabs" that hold the bottom seat in place. Pull up hard on the bottom seat while pushing it back, too. Once removed you will see two curved pieces of steel that lock into the back of the vertical kick panel about one third in from either side.

Remove the bottom seat cushion.

Now, look under the vertical back seat portion and you will see two metal tabs with a Phillips head screw through a hole in each one; again, about one third in from either side. Back the screws out and jiggle the seat upwards and out.

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I might add that on my 1974, pulling up hard and pushing in served only to frustrate me until I found that just below the front of the lower seat there was a small bolt just to the left of center. I removed that bolt and used a pry bar gently to lift the seat out of place. Everything else was basically the same, other than you forgot to mention to beware of the microcosm of insect life that can be found under there as well.

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