Ipod-Controlled Hidden Stereo Into a BMW 2002

Ipod-Controlled Hidden Stereo Into a BMW 2002

By Andrew Adams @ IE

(a n d r e w a d a m s @ i e m o t o r s p o r t . c o m)

-Let me be VERY upfront, I am NOT a stereo guy, none of this would have been possible if it had not been from input by several members here on the FAQ and on R3vlimited.

GOAL: --------------------------------------------------------

A completely hidden, ipod-controlled basic stereo setup that retains the Becker head unit.

Please note, if you can sacrifice a tiny bit of visibility for a better sounding system, look at the Eurotrash kick panels and woofer setup,com_forum/Itemid,0/page,viewtopic/t,329333/

The speaker, wiring, and amp specifics is on the wiring diagram below, if someone want a full-size version of the diagram, please email me and I'll send it over.


AUDIO COMPONENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------

-FRONT SPEAKERS: 4x6 2-way (Polk Audio db461 - RMS:4-40w 4ohms)

-REAR SPEAKERS: 6x9” 3-way (Polk Audio db691 - RMS:10-100w 4ohms)

-4-CHANNEL AMP: Rockford Fosgate Punch P400-4 (RMS: 4x50w 4ohms)

-Ipod signal booster: JL Audio CL-RLC

-RCA to ipod cable: Ziotek ZT1900666HC1 6-Feet Ipod 30Pin To Rca Stereo Cable, White

-Male/Male RCA adapter (radioshack $8)

-Long RCA wire

-Amp & Speaker Wiring: 4 gauge: Rockford Fosgate RFK4x 4 AWG Amplifier Install Kit

MATERIALS. -------------------------------------------------------------------

...were by-in-large from Jo-Anns (my wife loves pointing that out to me everytime she gets in the car).

-marine-grade black vinyl which surprisingly matched the original console vinyl perfectly. (for front console and front speaker panels)

-open-cell foam (for rear speaker shelf)

-Headliner foam (for front speaker insolation)

-speaker cloth (for rear speaker shelf and front speakers)

-black micro-suede (for center ash tray)

-dynamatt (for rear speaker shelf)

-wood (for amp shelf and rear speaker shelf)

-interior carpet (for amp shelf)

CENTER CONSOLE:------------------------------------------------------------


Re-wrapped in vinyl, on the center ash tray I used a dremel to whittle away at the retention clip to allow clearance for the ipod. Wrapped the inside with micro-suede for a nice touch.


Made a hole in the backside for the ipod connector.


Enlarged the stereo opening for Becker and made backside support arm (ran a new cheap speaker for the becker, this is how I get my radio).


Finished off with this beautiful hand-made shift knob by David (I think it’s proportioned perfectly to the car, not diminutive like the alpina knob).

(,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,379457/ )


FRONT SPEAKERS:-------------------------------------------

Driver’s side, I used the stock under dash panel, (Thanks to Ken Blasko). Cut out speaker hole wrapped it in vinyl, insulated the backside and stretched over some speaker cloth.

For a better sounding front setup you can also also go with the awesome eurotrash kick panels here...,com_forum/Itemid,0/page,viewtopic/t,329333/



Passenger’s side, made new panel as the stock piece was warped to badly. Repeated same steps as driver’s side.





REAR SPREAKERS ---------------------------------------

Basically copied what Marshall did, new rear panel attached speakers. Layered the dynamat, foam and speaker cloth. Micah gave me the idea to use bang matts for the rear speakers to sit in. The bang matts help to seal the rear panel keeping out fumes, plus you can’t see the ugly speakers jutting into your trunk.



AMPLIFIER ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I made a little wood shelf that fit in nicely (covered in carpet), mounted the amp and signal booster to it. Drilled a couple of wire access holes and was set!


Wired everything up according to the diagram…..


The volume control knob is the old choke-cable knob on the steering column. Welded a piece of the old threaded cable end to the JL-supplied supplied adjuster, and wah-lah!


The interior looks better than it has in a long long time, now it sounds better too!



I have heard that Becker Autosound can convert the output signal of the Becker Europa to RCA which would mean I could hypothetically run the entire setup using the becker (basically Becker w/rca outputs -> JL Audio CL-RLC -> Amplifier. -> Speakers).

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Does the iPod provide sufficient signal to remotely turn on the amp? I like the concept and the look of originality.

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Does the iPod provide sufficient signal to remotely turn on the amp? I like the concept and the look of originality.


Hypothetically it would, but not nearly enough (the sound quality would lack considerably).  This is the main reason for the JL CL-RLC unit.

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I am amazed I didn't catch this earlier. I went a similar route but a bit beefier setup than your own.


I chose to have a powered connection for my iPhone, so I went with the Apple component AV cable (RCA + USB) and hooked the R+L to a 4 channel equalizer Planet Audio PEQ10) which splits left and right, highs and lows into separate RCA channels. I then did 2 speakers up front (kick panels), mated to 4 in the back (two under the seats (had found speakers that were previously installed there) as well as two in the rear parcel shelf). The 4 channel amp I used (Legacy LA4670BK) is on the low end but produces sound adequate to my needs. That setup fits quite nicely behind the new center console in the rear (E24 seats). I then have a separate RCA cable to the trunk that meets a Pioneer GM-D8400 Mono Amplifier, which powers a single 10". In the trunk, I fabricated a storage chest that goes right next to the speaker enclosure, but I plan on rebuilding both to allow a single multi-use system in the trunk. I might go for two 10's as the single doesn't seem to be producing the notes I am looking for. 


I am also not highly knowledgeable about car audio, but I know how to hook everything up, including fusing and wiring and what not. It is a great setup, that allows me to charge my phone as well as not have a deck for someone to steal. I highly recommend a setup such as these for anybody interested, and If you are close to PDX I am willing to help install it (as it is one of my passions)

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On ‎5‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 1:45 PM, Freude am Fahren said:

Pics don’t work. Por favor fix the issue. I’m stuck


On ‎4‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 11:58 PM, QtheGenius said:

Need to move pictures away from Photobucket


Photobucket really did a number.  I'll re-host these on a separate site when I locate my original images.  Shoot me a message with your emails and I'll send a note when they are up.  In the mean time, I'm happy to answer any questions you shoot my way.


All the best,


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