Gas pedal hinge to replace the evil nubs

Ok, I have had enough of the gas and gaz pedals coming off because of that dumb nub design from bmw. Time to do the conversion to a hinge.

Since this is a track and street car that has carpet, I could not just bolt it to the floor. Have to preserve the concept of two things sticking up from the floor through the existing holes in the carpet.

Short version of the process I am following is..

-cut off existing nubs and nub holder

-install two bolts through the floor and secure then top and bottom with alum bar and lock nut

-attach a hinge to the pedal

-install carpet

-screw nut onto bolts about half way down. This holds hinge above the carpet

-install hinge and pedal on bolts

-add another nut on top.


The hinge


Various parts. Note the good set of nubs I cut out of Barney. Use those for reference and measurement


Pulled existing Gaz pedal off


The different pedals. Note for stock pedal use, must cut off the nub cups on bottom. (center pedal)


dimension of the pedal are

9in high

3in wide at bottom

2.25iin wide at top

off with their heads!


nub support removed


These things suck…


Here are the pieces of alum bar stock I am using to sandwich the floor pan. replacement for using washers.


Ran out and bought some parts. These are all the nuts and bolts needed.


Here is the roller bearing on the accel rod that rolls on back of aluminum pedal I made.


here is the info on the bearing for the accel rod. credit for research on finding this goes to Lee at Massive.


8mm id

22mm od

Drilled some holes in floor that lined up with hinge and aluminum bar holes


Attached hinge to gas pedal


Put bolts and plate on bottom. Goobed on some black RTV to seal it up under the plate


Plate and nuts on top.


Now the hinge support nuts go on. You can set these at the height you want the bottom of pedal to be. Put washer on top of nut, put hinge on, put another washer, then another nut.


With test fit done, remove pedal and put carpet back in


Reinstall pedal




Rock solid. No way it is ever going to come off again while matching revs going into a turn on track. Whooo hoooo!

The mod is invisible unless you look behind the pedal. Same mod can be done to a stock pedal.

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one more piece of info.


pedal is made of 1/8in alum plate

in case anyone wants the dimensions for the alum pedal..

9in high
3in wide at bottom
2.25iin wide at top

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I bought this kit and installed it! It is FANTASTIC! Best money I have spent on my "02!





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