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Fuel smell in interior, cabin, booth, etc.

Written by BillWilliams Sunday, 08 March 2009 Things to check:

1. BMW intentionally put it there. (most 2002s have some of that smell, some more than others)

2. A good way to keep the girl/woman out of the car. Nice long drives alone are good things unless you have the Carl's Jr girl

3. Fuel tank leaking, generally around the seam.

4. Fuel filler boot cracked and letting fumes out.

5. Fuel line(s) under or in the car leaking.

6. Something in the engine bay (hoses, lines, filter, fittings, carb, injection) letting fumes or raw fuel out.

7. Vapor canister or return line not hooked up or leaking.

8. Gaskets around the fuel sender or fuel pick-up rotten and leaking fumes. (This is the most likely)

O ring for sender is 16 11 1 744 369

Twist in gasket 16 12 1 105 332

Bolt in gasket 16 12 1 110 598

9. Fuel lines from tank to rigid lines cracked deteriorated and leaking fuel or fumes

10. You spilled fuel on your boots at the last fill up.

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