Vintage at the Vineyard 2013. Part 4.

Some iPhone pics.



My favorite car this year is Ben Younce's Chamonix 68 with Cosmic alloys. Ben amazingly fixed his car from a massive rear-end accident several years ago. I would love to have my 69 end up this nice.




Dinner location for Saturday night after we wandered all around trying to find somewhere that didn't have a 1.5 hour wait.


Here is Marshall and Chuck (DeHaven) right before we headed home from VIR.


Fuel stop in Chesterfield, VA


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Love it!  I also love Ben's car, but am very surprised to see there is no third, fourth, or fifth brake lights on it! :)

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Thanks for the kind words Jim!  I had a lot of help along the way, but I really love this car and it was worth the effort!


And rob, I had a high mount 3rd brake light with 40 LEDs and it was illuminated the day I got rear ended while stopped at a light.  Both of my cars now have the 02 LED lighting kits which are insanely bright---if these won't help, nothing else will!  



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