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At The Vintage: The Vintage

A trip to The Vintage, held this year in North Carolina's historic Old Salem village, is a pilgrimage worth making for any BMW enthusiast. But perhaps even more interesting is that this show, the brainchild of organizer Scott Sturdy and currently the largest BMW gathering in North America, is just that—a gathering. More than any other event that I have seen, The Vintage has the relaxed air of a day spent amongst friends, without the pressure of a concours or judged car show. Pristine E9 3.0 coupes line up alongside barn-find 1600 sedans and widebody E30 convertibles. Engines open to reveal turbochargers and GM LS motors, and one notable E30 featured an M30 swap that was finished—as the owner casually testified—"last night".

2015's Vintage gathering was an event that I was privileged to cover for the BMW Car Club of America. But it's also an event to which I will be returning, whatever the distance, in years to come.

Enjoy the video, and see or for more information on the event, and for more videos on events, cars, and more!

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