steve k.
steve k.

16th Annual MidAmerica 02 Fest

Twelve 2002s showed up for the Mid America 02 Fest in Hermann, MO.  The fourth edition moved to Eureka Springs, AR and has evolved into a two and a half day event featuring a drive, noncompetitive show, tech presentations, expert panel Q & A, tech quiz, awards (longest distance driven, etc), and a HUGE door prize drawing supported by sponsor donations.

Of course any time 02ers get together technical expertise is not just discussed, but put to work.unnamed (1).jpg  Electrical problem, broken exhaust system, water pump give up, need your tii or Webers tuned - it all happens in the parking lot.  In recent years two owners trailered non-running 2002s to Eureka Springs and with help from others in attendance had them running before Sunday.

There is no registration fee or charge for Saturday evening's brat and burger dinner.


The MidAm is financed by the sale of t-shirts (and other gear) and a raffle drawn from purchased tickets for two sets of embroidered camp chairs (thanks Kathy & Milo) and two BMW watches donated by BMW of NA.


Well over 50% of those attending will drive more than 600 miles.  We have had folks from 24 states.  This is a hardcore bunch.  If you love 2002s, this is a great group with whom to spend the weekend.



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