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    • Not the 49 Mile Drive-- 2016

      NT49MD-2016— Not the 49 Mile Drive , Saturday 10 December, 2016




      Not the 49 Mile Drive, the BayArea 02 annual rally, appears in San Francisco again on December 10 (2nd Saturday in December).  Meet at OceanBeach between 9 and 9:30 AM across The Great Highway from Beach Chalet on the West end of Golden GatePark (just like previous years).  Fulton St.is the cross street and the entrance to the OceanBeach parking lot.  Following our driver's meeting, we plan to have all cars away by 10:00 AM.  After navigating roads throughout San Francisco we will gather again for lunch at a restaurant and review the photos in the handout that each navigator numbered during the rally in the order observed.


      San Francisco native Beck Diefenbach is our rallymeister again this year.  He delights in finding the hidden treasures and beautiful views that reward us for living in the Bay Area, and the unique and interesting paths to get there.


      Join us for the fun rally, see your friends, learn and enjoy some of San Francisco’s road history and share some BMW tales.  We recommend driving with a navigator, so the driver can drive and the crew can give turn instructions and watch for the rally images to number them in viewing order. Solo drivers are also welcome, although there could be a navigator or two available before drivers get underway. If your 02 is under the weather, drive your other BMW on this rally. Kids are welcome to ride along and share lunch!


      Watch FAQ’s BayArea 02 Forum for the latest details [http://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/30-bayarea02/ ] but be sure to circle 10 December on your calendar for the NT49MD-2016 rally!


      Larry Ayers

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    • SF Bay Area Neue Klasse and Kaffee - Redwood City


      We will be back at Back Yard Coffee Co. at 965 Brewster Ave. in Redwood City, CA for the December meet.

      We will gather at Caltrain Parking lot just across the street from the coffee shop. For those interested, Redwood City Farmers Market will be just across the railroad tracks.

      I will be there from 8am to 11am with some Donuts. Coffee will be available at Back Yard Coffee.

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