• ClayW
      Windshield Seals
      Front - p/n 51317440154
      Rear - p/n 51311817764
      2 X Lockstrips - p/n 51311803265
      2 X Lockstrip Cup p/n 51317440106

      Clear Silicone Caulk
      Spray Bottle of Soapy Water
      25 ft. of 3/16” Cotton Rope
      Masking Tape

      Caulk Gun
      Small Flathead Screwdriver
      Lockstrip Tool (I used this one from Aegis Tools.) Apparently, AEGIS Tools no longer sells the roller lockstrip tool. You can get it here now: https://www.hitechglazing.com/product/2781009/40273

      *The installation steps are identical for both windshields.*

      1. Lay the windshield down and slip the seal over the edges.

      2. Wrap the rope twice around the seal, pushing it into the slot. Tape the ends against the inside of the glass.

      3. Spray the seal edges to soak the rope with soapy water.

      4. Lift the windshield and seal into the opening, being careful not to allow the seal to come out.

      5. With one person applying pressure from the outside, pull the rope from the inside, being careful not to pull any of the headliner with it.

      6. Once the rope has been entirely pulled and the seal is in, use the caulking gun to run a small bead of clear caulk inside the inside and outside edges of the seal.

      7. Once the caulking is in, use the lockstrip tool to install the lockstrip. This is a bit of a challenge and requires a little skill. Go slow and be careful. If you have a small section (1” or less) that pops out of the seal, use the small flathead screwdriver to pop it back in.

      8. Trim the lockstrip after installation to fit with as small a gap as possible.

      9. Slip the lockstrip cup over one end of the lockstrip and use the screwdrivers to pop it in, using the soapy water to help with lubrication.

      You’re done!

      Screw in your visors and handles and pat yourself on the back.

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    1. jakeb
      Latest Entry

      We are using an updated HVAC unit in this car and it required some sheet metal work to make it all fit....


      Cut a hole in the firewall (this is where the old fan would have popped out)


      Fitting better

      Made a mount for it



      Mount with box out

      tunnel was cut a bit too

      Remaking the tunnel to fit


      had to make a box to cover up the hole...
      Start with some cad...

      test fit


      Then made from metal 

    2. Ran out to finish taking the head off my e30 donor and got a very nice surprise. Not only was the engine in better shape that I expected, upon further inspection of the head I found a Dr Schrick cam sitting in the head!! I don't know when it was installed, the last owner bought the car to drift it but wasn't happy when he found the 4 cylinder under the hood and didn't bother to get it running. It had an aftermarket alarm system installed, if you want to call it that (lots and lots of cut wires and black tape), so my thoughts were the starter cut relay hadn't been installed properly and the car wasn't able to start.


      I wasn't too concerned as it was the chassis that interested me, and the 4 cylinder was going to come out for either a m30 or m62. Only after getting bitten with the 02 bug did it dawn on me to use it for the EFI parts as it was purchased for around the price of the EFI pieces. Lucky me gets the EFI bits and pieces for my 02 and the chassis will be waiting once the brown bomber is running around. 


      Don't have a lot of time but here are the pictures from today.....









    3. Day ~56 – 58 (About 3 days of work, excluding waiting for glue to dry.)

      Trim & Finishers
      I riveted up some new b-pillar finishers, along with the old rear window finishers. I also installed some new belt line trim pieces, just waiting on 2 new fasteners because the old ones were stripped. I put in the new rear window seals as well (after the headliner). Installing the rear window vent seal wasn’t straight forward at first but after the first 5 mins I figured it out, the passenger window went much quicker than the first one. I started at the corner kink (even though people say to start at the bottom front), I think it was the better decision since trimming was required, although the bottom didn’t need much, maybe more “shaping” than trimming.



      Front Vent & Driver Windows
      I utilized Kosta one evening (before soccer) to aid with the installation of the front vent and door windows. It would definitely have been very hard to try that on my own, you need a 2nd set of hands to lower the window and hold it up while bolting stuff up. Will need to do a lot of adjustment once I get the seals in, I bought the URO ones, couldn't bite the bullet on the price difference.


      Heater Box
      I disassembled the heater box, cleaned everything all up and let a radiator cleaning solution sit in the heater core for a few days before reassembling it all. I had to use some epoxy to fix a couple of small cracks which occurred during the 2002 tear down. Put the cables back in


      I didn’t even know the fan blades were silver tongue.gif

      New Headliner
      My new headliner was sitting in an unopened box since February 2015, I obviously was not great at gauging the schedule of my project. The headliner I decided to go with is the “black suede type” from www.dtechparts.com. I wanted black but wasn’t too keen on vinyl.
      Quick product review 4/5: The material does not feel like suede but I don’t care about that, it’s more of like a micro fiber material. It has a foam backing which makes covering the C-Pillar “nicer.” One of the bow “hoops” might have been slightly off which makes a rear headliner seam a little more pronounced but I’m just being critical. I’m very happy and would definitely recommend it to others.

      Before the installation I went through ClayW’s BMW2002FAQ article a few times. I thought it was going to be difficult to get it right but it wasn’t, it’s just time consuming.

      28186408811_cd79797c7e_n.jpg 27649229833_3f5caabda6_n.jpg

      Unfortunately the binder clips I “borrowed” from the office were not enough to cover as much as necessary so I resorted to other clamps I had and clothes pins. I also requested some extra material to cover the sun visors, I’ll eventually get to that.


      Final Product
      Cutting holes for the dome light, handles, etc... was scary.

      New A-Pillar Vinyl
      The vinyl I removed from the A and B pillars looked a little faded so I decided to replace it with some new vinyl. Had I thought about it before, I would have asked for more “black suede type” material to do the pillars (at least the A-pillars), I think it would have been nicer than the black vinyl. I basically installed the vinyl the same way I did the headliner, except I added some of the sound deadening foam as a backing to give it a nicer shape (replacing the old foam).





      Sun Visors
      I reupholstered the old sun visors with the same fabric as the headliner. I cut open the old sun visor and glued on the new fabric, I put a stitch in by hand, originally I only wanted to put a couple of stitches to hold it but I then got out of hand.

      I’m not so sure I like it, for 1 I think it might be too “matchy-matchy” with the headliner in the same material, and also I don’t like the seam I stiched by hand.


      I slid the dash right in and started connecting stuff. Heater controls and other wiring, then I noticed I had to move some wires around a bit to do a cleaner job. I will be adding the wideband digital display in the “fasten seat belt” dash display are (I think Eurotrash wrote a instructional I read a while back), later.
      It’s finally starting to feel a little like an interior redface.gif