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      It's been a while since I've posted, but there has been work going on!   Over the last two months, I've had some set back due to my purchasing of wrong parts and damaging a few as well.  So here's what I've been up to:


      I finished up the underside and it's completely coated and I installed the bump stops at the rear and put in the parking brake cables.  The rotisserie has been removed and as I mentioned before, it was a real life saver!  The car is now sitting in the garage ready for the sub-frames to get bolted to the car.


      Ah, the sub-frames.  I got all new bolts from W&N which were great, but they came with no sense of what went where so I had to spend some time figuring that out.  It wasn't too big of a deal, but did take a little bit of time to sort all that out, and compare to what I had saved from the dismantle.  I had all of my bushing and such from Blunttech and Steve was a life-saver with sorting a few of my problems out, especially when it came to the rear axle bushing and the steering.  


      Without getting into too much detail, I had purchased the wrong rear bushing and ended up having some issues getting them installed.  I called Blunt and they got me exactly what I needed quickly.  To get around the difficulty of installation, I go out and buy myself a press thinking I'll just pop them in there using a bit of grease and soap to help with the process. And as you can see in the pictures, applied a little too much pressure and put a slight buckle in the trailing arm.   I ended up bring it to my mechanic who was able to get it straightened out and installed the bushings with no problem.   I know this is going against what the forum was recommending, however, there was no cracking or crinkling in the metal and according to the BMW 2002 mechanic playbook, that was all within tolerances.  Since I am not going to be racing this car, I should be all set.


      The bearings have been replaced on the front wheels and I am about to do the rears with a Blunt kit.  My IE sway, springs and shocks are all ready to go and I just need to start bolting everything together.  I plan on changing the differential fluid and getting everything back together and on the car in the next couple of weeks.


      Now for something new.  While randomly going through Craigslist, I came across a pair of 325i sport seats that are in fair condition.  I believe I'll need to get an adapter kit (or something) for the car, but these came at a very fair prices and with a little love and conditioning, they should come back nicely.  The future plans for these will be to get them re-covered, but they will do for the shorter term.


      And lastly, this was a bit spur of the moment, but I purchased a 1987 325is that has seen better days.  I was sitting outside in the Oklahoma sun for six years and while the paint almost non-existent, the dash has a few cracks, and the driver seat is dried and cracked to hell, this little car has some promise.  It's surprisingly original, no rot and just that little surface rust in the pictures.   It turns over freely and has no leaks, which I find amazing.  I must be crazy, but I must have some sort of soft spot for beat up and rusty old cars.   The plans for this one are TBD, but I'll likely sit on it until the 2002 is up and running.

      That's it for now.  With the holiday's fast approaching and winter coming in the northeast, I suspect repair work might slow down a bit here.   I'll be posting up more as I make progress.



    2. Well my engine status is still unknown, the machinist's shop has been closed, his telephone number goes right to voicemail every time which means that my plan of getting this car on the road before the snow falls wont happen. After coming to this realization these past few weeks I decided that over the coming winter I will complete the suspension rehabs, get the engine bay prepped for an engine and hopefully get the interior completed. Really only care about getting a drive train back in the car, right now but if there is time why not.


      This last week, with the help of my friend and his torch, was able to get the struts out of the housings and remove the bolts holding the pesky CV joint that wouldn't let go. While working on cleaning up the threads on the strut housing he started talking about changing over to coilers, and although I had no intention of going that route it looks like that might part of the winter projects. He is a drifter who runs two AE86's, one with a Honda S200 engine and one with a tweaked Rotary pushing 400 horses, both of which run coil overs, and once he explained a few things to me it makes a lot of sense. 


      Guess this is the last time these strut housings will look like this. Got to research short stroke coilovers and find out what works best in the BMW world.


      Wish me luck






    3. So not much to show for this weeks efforts, its been a slow one as i've had other things going on. 


      I managed to get down the garage for a few hours on Saturday to take out the final window and carry on with some sanding. My mate steve popped over to give me a quote for the work and to check over my prep work. 

      seem to be more than impressed with how much we've managed to do and gave me a few pointers as to what i need to do next. the car should be going over to his garage in December




      9am in sunny east peckham, also managed to get my speaker working so had tunes in the workshop to keep me company. 




      a very horrible door inner.. gonna have to get my sand on to get this rubbish OFF! 


      we also discovered the reasons why i have rusted floor pans and some questionable repair sections in my rear wheel arch inners... rollcage! an ex rollcaged 1600?!? would really love to see the history of this car.


      so my next plan is to change the colour of the outside.. got these two to pick from




      cast your votes!!



      My next jobs are to sand back all the surface rust, jenolite, zinc primer and ready for primer