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Many are referred to the "stance thread" for tire and wheel fitment questions (lots has been tried), but if you are like me you may be craving more.For those looking to get a bit more technical, i have begun to compile some resources. Feel free to post...
Spray castle nuts with penetrating oil several times over a course of a few days and let it to break loose surface tension rust and corrosion. Jack up and support vehicleRemove tireRemove cotter pinReplace tire and lower car to groundApply parking brak...

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slowly gathering parts.

My Journey down the rabbit hole - Megasquirting an M10 Yesterday, 07:02 PM
Not much has really happened with this after getting things running on EDIS/carb.I've peeled off the old carb intake, did some clean up, re-sealed some gaskets. I should really buy new stuff, but...
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new strut tops

Here is a pic of the new strut tops I got laser cut... As i am running 17" wheels to get a decent stroke and to get a bit more caster this is what I came up with... I am running SLR lower arms whic...
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The Best Laid Plans...

Learning Wrenching Rebuilding 23 Nov 2015
Why even make them? I think thats how it goes, right?My original plan was to buy the car and drive it around and enjoy it. Wrong - the car shook, engine stuttered, the pedals were all wobbly and...
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Bottom end disassembly complete

bento's Engine Rebuild 22 Nov 2015
I finished tearing down the bottom end and getting all the manifold studs removed from the head. Lots of signs of wear as I would expect from a 43 year old engine that doesn't appear to have ever b...
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How to use search

May 20 2015 05:56 PM | visionaut in FAQ Use

I'm guessing most folks are thrown off by the Search box's default search location tracking with their current location within the site (aka Inline Search), and/or the fact that a "search scope" is even being employed, indicated by the menu label on th...

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Service Information Bulletins

Aug 05 2015 10:33 AM | JohnH in History and Reference

Some years ago I purchased assorted manuals from the son of a gentleman who had recently died. The gentleman had worked for a UK BMW dealer in their service department. Among the manuals were two volumes of Service Information bulletins. I have scanne...

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2015 SoCal Vintage pics

Oct 31 2015 02:31 PM | 03to02 in Events

Beautiful day at Woodley Park. Came here for the 2015 SoCal Vintage looking to get some inspiration for my 2002 project.

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Instagram Feed

Nov 13 2014 11:29 AM | steve k. in News

Follow us on Instagram.We already have over 2002 followers, but I am sure more of you are interested in what we have to show. If you want to share with us, include #bmw2002faq in your post. This page will have our photos and yours. #bmw20...

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2002 carby to ITB MegaSquirt Injection

Jan 03 2013 01:56 PM | Collinster742002 in Engine and Drivetrain

Original author: johnhup I have decided to go a different route then most and install two indivual throttle bodies (ITBs) instead of a single throttle body and plenum type system. So far everything is working great based on Speed Density (Maifold press...

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How to install new front door panel cards

May 10 2015 05:41 AM | AustrianVespaGuy in Body and Interior

Between all of the broken clips and warped, water damaged, and disintegrating, my door panels were starting to look pretty sorry, so I decided to take a crack at nicening them up a bit. If you're considering this also, here's the procedure I used in case it's helpful to you.

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