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      22 Apr

    For my birthday, my parents tracked down an unopened original 1969 BMW 2002 owners manual as well as an original Dealer Sales Brochure. My sister got me a 2002 silhouette wall hook for my keys. Talk about an awesome family!

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Fiew weeks ago, the first race this season. Damn, first the camera had a damage, then a rocker arm problem after 45 minutes......I hope the season finish better then it starts....... Onboard second practice W.
Basically, you have three options for this project in terms of budget:- $$$: If you're baller, you can just buy brand new door panels straight from Aardvark Racing, and just pop the old ones off and the new ones on: http://www.2002parts...oor-panels.ht...

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How to use search

May 20 2015 05:56 PM | visionaut in FAQ Use

I'm guessing most folks are thrown off by the Search box's default search location tracking with their current location within the site (aka Inline Search), and/or the fact that a "search scope" is even being employed, indicated by the menu label on th...

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Hockenheim Preis der Stadt Stuttgart

May 15 2015 11:50 PM | whs.de in Events

Fiew weeks ago, the first race this season. Damn, first the camera had a damage, then a rocker arm problem after 45 minutes......I hope the season finish better then it starts....... Onboard second practice W.

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Converting to 318i Electronic Fuel Injection

Jan 03 2013 04:52 PM | Collinster742002 in Engine and Drivetrain

Original Author: Mike Kubani Mike's 318i Electronic Fuel Injection setup including his custom cold-air box Introduction: This conversion is not recommended for anyone who is not mechanically knowledgeable and ready for a challenge. There are many st...

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BMW 2002 Torque Specifications

Jan 18 2014 08:16 PM | Buckeye in History and Reference

Thought is good idea to make this valuable document that was created by others several years ago more readily available to everyone. Original document: http://www.bmw2002fa...attach_id=63756 Same as original document with a few updates in Excel form...

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How to install new front door panel cards

May 10 2015 05:41 AM | AustrianVespaGuy in Body and Interior

Between all of the broken clips and warped, water damaged, and disintegrating, my door panels were starting to look pretty sorry, so I decided to take a crack at nicening them up a bit. If you're considering this also, here's the procedure I used in case it's helpful to you.

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Retrofitting an Electronic Flasher Relay

Jan 04 2013 11:32 AM | hegedus in Electrical and Ignition

Written by Chris Blumenthal Friday, 30 September 2005 Retrofitting an Electronic Flasher Relay By Chris Blumenthal Introduction Most 02 pilots have experienced turn signal problems. The dreaded...

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