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      I had been excited for this weekend ever since last years historics. I knew it was going to be big, but I had no idea it was going to be this big. My weekend began at 5:00 Friday morning, after a week of late nights drilling holes, mounting lights, and mainly scrubbing and vacuuming. My dad and I met up with 3 more 02s and a beautiful /6 cafe racer. We headed down 17 towards Highway 1, with some of our cars adding to the thick haze of fog coming off the ocean. Just before we got off at Hwy 68 we were passed by an e30 and then an e34 M5 Touring, a car I never seen before, I squealed inside a bit. “It’s gonna be a good day” I thought to myself. No one in our group had been to our first stop Legends of the Autobahn before and we got lost, which lead us to seeing a 3.0 CSL batmobile. We finally got to legends and I park my touring with the other 2002s, and right away I’m asked what it is. I went into this weekend thinking e30 M3s, and 3.0s were rare, but by the end of Friday they honestly had become commonplace. Which was fine, Legends offered up plenty of other beautiful cars for me to ogle. Elvis Presley's’ 507, a 700 coupe which had an air cooled motorcycle motor in it, a 1934 309, and my favorites, an e30 touring and an M1. When a 3 cylinder DKW 3=6 started up, it drew a crowd, he man that owned it also has a right hand drive Colorado Touring he brought to the Brisbane 02 show. Down the hill from the main show was the Motorrad and performance section. A few Z1s, quite a few Z8s, and even more M3s. We came across a whole lot of different older Alpinas, pretty sure at least one of every model made. The motorcycles were a sight to see, I believe an r32, BMWs first motorcycle, and a few insanely clean /5 and /6s, including a gold twin turbo, that the owners unfortunately would not start up.

      Once Legends ended we went to a BBQ to revel for the evening with other BMW enthusiast. A big shout out and thank you to Doug for hosting. Late in the evening we returned to our campsite above turn 10 at Laguna Seca. In the campsite we had an 1800 4 door, an e30 325ix, an e36 M3 LTW, 4 2002s, and 3 Tourings, and a big 2002 FAQ banner on the fence.Needless to say, our site was packed, and we constantly had people stopping and asking us about our cars. I’ve seen posts about how much love there is in the 02 community, and I’ve always seen that in our group. I have witnessed this first hand with building my own car which was a year of non-stop fun and great times, or helping Coastalcrush get his crusty Colorado 1600 on the road before the Brisbane show.

      Saturday morning our group drove our cars down to the BMW corral and had cars and coffee on the back of Dr Suave! We watched the morning races, my favorite being the 1973 to 1984 FIA, IMSA GT, GTX, AAGT, and GTU cup, just because of the amount of 3.0s and M1s. After that we got ready for the BMW parade lap, where I got to ride in Steve's all stock automatic touring. He showed the three of us all the proper racing lines to take around the track, which was really informative and interesting. When we came back in (after the parade lap) my dad and I spent a while walking around the paddock, where we saw Canepas crew readying his cars. We met an older gentleman with a Model T racecar and watched him oil up and prime the fuel pump on his race car.

      As we headed towards the main BMW tent I stopped and drooled over the silver M1 procar that had been out just eating up the track. The car had originally raced in Japan, hence the Japanese lettering all over, then was unseen for 25 years, until it was bought and restored to its original condition, and now races around the world in historic races. The BMW tent was impressive. It had all the race cars on the ground, you could get right up and stick your head in them, and then there were a few show cars behind glass barriers. A gorgeous 2002 turbo sat in front of the 2002 Homage car (the homage car brought up a bit of a debate in our group). At the other end sat 2 art cars, an M3 GT2 sat behind the well known number 93 3.0 CSL art car that raced in Le Mans in 1975, you could tell it was a special car with just one glance.

      By now it was time for the next 1973-84 race, so we went to turn 5 where we could get a good look at the cars as they came into the turn. It was quite the sight to see as Canepa passed people on that bit of straight away like they were standing still, the man knows how to drive. Later we walked through the shop tents and watched people test drive Land Rovers on their test course, some people really beat on them. We headed back up to the campsite, where the lighting got just right for a photoshoot (a true golden hour), which as we all know, 2002s are very photogenic. That night we sat around our fire pit and talked about the day and our cars until it got too cold and foggy to stay up
      Sunday morning we packed up our cars with our camping gear, throwing as much as I could on the roof rack of the touring. Again we brought our cars down to the turn 5 corral and talked with passersby for a bit until the 1963-73 FIA race, when we all pressed ourselves to the fence and stared in awe as 3 2002s raced around, one being an Alpina TI. We found out there were spots left for the day’s parade lap, and we quickly registered a few of our cars. This was by far my favorite part of the whole weekend. When they say you can't see a thing coming over the corkscrew, they mean you really can't see anything. But there is nothing like coming over it, downshifting to 2nd, and flooring it out. I had a smile on for the whole lap, but that part made me laugh with pure joy. A track day is now very much in order! With our cars packed, my dad and I started our drive back home, sunburned, tired, and smiling from an event filled weekend.
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    1. Tesoro's on the parade lap today!! Amazing! What a dream come true! 😍 I'm in tears !😭


      One word to describe this weekend..... Euphoric!!!
      I'm floating on an 02 cloud right now! I met so many cool people and I'm truly thankful for the friendships that we have in this small 02 community!

      I would have liked to have visited Pebble Beach ... but if I did.. I would of missed out on this opportunity to drive in the parade lap! What a great way to break in the engine! ;)

      Pebble will have to wait til next year! I love the pic of Tesoro in pole position with other friends lining up for the tribute lap! The other pic looks like he's actually "smiling!" 

      Everyone should have at least one dream come true.... This whole weekend was mine... 😍

      Thanks to all for the follow of Tesoro's journey and cheers to many more 02 outings and events! Drive your dream!


      PS: Did you notice my shirt? I think I did Michel proud! For those who don't know.. he was my mentor back in 1996! Yes... I have been in this community for "that" long! LOL! 






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      After pulling the horrible stock seats, the original carpet didn't look all that bad, a little faded on the transmission hump, but the rest was pretty decent.  So instead of tearing it all out, I bought a can of Woollite carpet cleaner and went to work.  The result was more than acceptable, so in go the seats.  I pulled off the original 320i seat sliders and bolted on the 2002 sliders from my old seats.  One of the inner sliders on the driver's side was cracked in half, but after pricing new ($260 ea.) and unable to find used, I ended up re-using the old one.  One of the clips that holds the mounting cage nut was missing and one of the cage nuts was stripped, so I just used M6 bolts and nuts on the passenger side inner rail to secure the seat.


      My only complaint was the driver's seat is slightly off center to the steering wheel and my butt is too wide for maximum comfort.  Apparently, 320i Recaro seats are made for race car drivers and jockeys, not larger, middle-age men.  But they look great and I'm sure the new, slender owner will love them.








      File Aug 23, 2 23 54 PM.jpeg

      File Aug 23, 2 24 48 PM.jpeg

    3. It has been exactly 2 years since I took the first bolt out of my '75 '02 and began down the restoration road.  I will be nearly complete at the end of August.  I want to get the clear coat buffed up and need to get the headliner in still.


      I was going for August but I decided to pull out and rebuild the back end as well.  I was going to do this later to spread out the joy but it didn't feel right so I just did it.  This delayed me nearly 3 week's as I waited for the sandblaster and powder coater to finish up.  Summer vacation season...


      The biggest pain was getting the sunroof to work right again.  The gear in the manual crank is worn a bit so it wouldn't engage the cables.  Got new cables and it still wouldn't do it.  I ended up putting a thin plastic shim in around the cables at the gear point and bound it with the track.  Works great now.  What a relief!


      All the mechanical is done.  The electrical needs another few days and it will be done.  I still need to wire up my electric rad fan, gauges on the motor side and my coil with the 2 ballasts.  


      I haven't posted in awhile so here are some fresh pics to enjoy!


      First, the whole car, air dam will go on after the buff job. 





      Got this original and perfect raised emblem from my buddy Christian in Germany.  Good to have such a good buddy!  This was off of his 1602, the first Inka I saw in the flesh!  He no longer has the car but he shared his emblem.  Awesome!



      Sunroof closed, still needs a little fine tuning which will be done before we hit the headliner.



      Sun roof tracks in chrome, not polished.  This worked out really great!  Big "wow" factor when you crack that gorgeous giant BMW sunroof.  No one seems to make them as big as the bimmers.  You feel like you are full in the sun with them.






      Here, the motor on the front sub, still one of my favorites and definitely the way to install the motor, bottom up baby!



      Tidied up rear under side.  Good to refresh.  There was and inch of greasy mud on the diff.  I opened up the lsd and all looks perfect as well.  Relubed and sealed it up.  Good for peace of mind



      New bearings, shocks and brake lines (courtesy of Ace Andrew).  Those lines fit up very nicely.  I stripped all the new bolt and had them zinc plated.  Yellow zinc doesn't have near the corrosion resistance.  Had to do the cleats on the shafts though.  Not as important as the bolts and it just looks so awesome against the black



      Oversized drums courteously of Bill Gruff!  Worked out perfectly.  My e-brake cables ended up about 1" short as a result, I have a solution that I am fine tuning with a barrel nut to allow me to attach the cable from the bottom of the e-brake attachment.


      .... and the interior.  I wanted to build something special here so I built a burl wood console and instrument surround.



      Tomorrow, I should finish up the rest of the electrical (which is a long process...) and start building the custom parcel shelf for my e46 seats.



      Almost there.  Long journey but an enjoyable one.  Learned a tonne and made many good friends along the way!